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Providing quality service and care is at the heart of everything we do at Central Family Health Care. Currently, we have a team of 22, including 5 doctors, 6 nurses, a paramedic, 4 reception staff, 2 administration staff, a HIP practitioner, health coach, dietician, counsellor, account support and practice manager.

Everyone in our team has a diverse range of complementary skills and an abundance of relevant expertise to provide you and your family with the quality care you deserve.

Our doctors have individual specialisations and medical knowledge in a range of different areas. The nursing team assist the doctors and run our vaccination programmes, blood tests and routine screenings, and our receptionists will ensure a friendly greeting and upmost care when you visit our practise or contact us by phone.

Central Family Health Care is part of Comprehensive Care PHO and have created the Community Health Partnership Trust with 3 other practices in Whangarei. The trust’s business operations manager is Kathy Dodd.

Meet the Team and see our availability

Partners Availability
Dr Adrienne Henderson
Dr Tim Cunningham
Dr Kevin Miller
Dr Dirk Ziegert
FRNZCGP, PhD (Germany) Gen Surg Consultant (Germany postgrad.)
Dr Ian Birch Mon/Tues/Weds/Fri (only accepting new enrolments)
Nurses Availability
Margaret Various days
Laura Various days
Deborah Various days
Lani Various days
Dana (starting 20th May) Various days
Zara (Healthcare Assistant) Various days
Reception Availability
Katrina Mon – Fri
Lanijane Mon – Fri
Phoebe Mon, Tues & Fri
Caitlin Mon – Thurs
Counsellor Availability
David Cross Thurs
Paramedic Availability
Liz Mon/Weds/Thurs
Health Coach Availability
Angelique Mon/Tues/Thurs
Dietician Availability
Fiona Tue & Weds
Practice Manager Availability
Jessica Mon-Fri

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