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Nov 2021: Up to date Covid information: https://www.northlanddhb.org.nz 

February 2020: Please click on the link provided by Ministry of Health for information regarding Coronavirus. This should answer all your questions about this outbreak. At this stage, there is no confirmed case in Whangarei.


CFHC Results policy


When laboratory, radiology and other tests are requested by a doctor or nurse:

 The practitioner ordering tests is responsible ultimately for follow-up.

  1. The practitioner records tests and investigations ordered for a given patient through a copy of the order form being automatically saved in the patient’s MedTech Outbox.
  2. The doctors track the return of results from tests or investigations when the GP suspects significant pathology. The GP tracks the completion of the tests,

Investigations or appointments when the test or investigation is urgent. Tracking is done through logging a task reminder on the lab form. Nurses will complete this every time for smears, the doctors will complete this as they deem necessary.  The task automatically alerts the doctor /nurse that the result is still outstanding. For test results still not completed after 4 weeks a follow up by the investigating doctor is required.

 It must be made clear to patients that they are entitled to be notified of all test results and that even if they agree to be notified only of abnormal results, they are welcome to call CFHC and check whether their results have been received and what they are. These results are also available on Manage My Health Patient Portal.  Patients are encouraged to sign up for this.


Follow-up of Results and Reports

  1. All incoming electronic results are viewed by the person ordering the investigations or their designated deputy (annotated by Medtech automatically entering of the viewer’s initials in the Comments field to identify the name of the person who has sighted the document and released the results to be filed or forwarded to another doctor or to a nurse for follow-up action.
  2. Incoming hardcopy results and letters are placed in the Doctors physical in-tray for them to comment and/or execute recalls/tasks in the patient’s electronic file. These records are then scanned into Medtech and the hard copy marked scanned and filed in the patient’s physical folder held in the secure documents cupboard.
  3. CFHC Results Policy is in the Waiting Room for patients to view.
  4. If a doctor is away a deputy is to be appointed by the absent doctor to check results


Follow-up Action on Results is completed

  1. If results are either ‘normal’ or ‘no further action is required’ it is CFHC policy for doctors to tell patients they will not hear from the practice if no further action is required.
  2. At the time any test is proposed, patients have a right to be told by their doctor/nurse why the test is recommended and when/how they will be informed of results.
  3. If the patient’s situation requires review even if the test result is normal – it is CFHC practice to have doctors, ask the patient to return and make an appointment for review on a day when the test results currently requested will be available.
  4. If patients ‘Do Not Attend’ or phones to ‘cancel’ their review appointment, the CFHC Receptionists need to ensure the patient’s name remains in the appointment template marked ‘DNA’ for the attending doctors to see. These appointment slots can be filled by other patients.
  5. All Patient results and letters are filed into their respective patient Medtech Inboxes.
  6. For Casual Patients, attending doctors need to ensure laboratory and radiology request forms include a request to automatically copy the results to the patient’s usual GP (provided the patient consents to this). However, it is noted that the CFHC GP remains responsible as the ordering doctors, to act on the results of the casual patient attending CFHC.
  7. Records of attempted contacts with patients should be made – the notes should indicate the type of contact, when and by whom.
  8. For test results sent to CFHC in error for a patient not attending this practice, CFHC will return these to the laboratory or radiologist that sent them with an explanatory note.


Christmas hours at CFHC

We are closed all statutory holidays over the Christmas period. We are open 27th Dec, 28th Dec and 29th Dec, then re open on the 3rd January. If you require medical assistance when we are closed, please go to White Cross Whangarei.

Ear suctioning at CFHC

We are now able to offer ear suctioning at CFHC. This is a service we can also provide to patients not enrolled at CFHC at an additional cost. Please note that we no longer do ear syringing. If you would like to book for ear suctioning, please book an appointment with reception to see the nurse or our paramedic. 

Dr Ian Birch

Dr Ian Birch joined CFHC in May 2023. Ian is currently accepting new patients. It is a pleasure to have him join the team.